Midwest Symposium

Midwest Symposium on Family Systems Theory and Therapy

In 1984 the Midwest Symposium began with Murray Bowen as the sole presenter. In 1991 Michael Kerr, Dr. Bowen’s successor as director of the Georgetown Family Center, became the annual main speaker. In 1990, CFC began inviting a different guest scientist each year to be a second main speaker at each symposium. With the goal of insuring that Bowen family systems theory remains firmly rooted in the natural sciences, CFC has invited a wide variety of scientists ranging from biologists to primatologists, to neuroscientists, and evolutionary psychologists. They are researchers who have contributed to the science of human behavior, and who are willing to engage in a dialog which enriches both their and our understanding of the family, the brain, and behavior from an evolutionary perspective. Among the noted scientists who have presented their work at this meeting are Frans deWaal, Robert Trivers, Paul MacLean, Robert Sapolsky, Jeanne Altmann, Barbara Smuts, Michael Meaney, Sue Carter, Mark Flinn, Martha McClintock, Alison Fleming, Lynn Fairbanks, John Cacioppo, and David Crews.

The symposium also includes a dozen short papers by Bowen theorists and clinicians from around the country. These presenters focus on family systems theory, research projects, clinical application of theory, own family research, and the integration of knowledge from the natural sciences and Bowen theory. Panel discussions among the speakers and with audience members also enrich learning process.

By tradition, the two-day meeting occurs the first Friday and Saturday in May.

Continuing Education Credits

12 CEUs will be awarded. Approved for social worker, psychologist, marriage and family therapist, and professional counselor education credits.

Faculty Coordinator

For more information, please contact Robert Noone.