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Do We Ever Resolve “Unresolved Emotional Attachment”?

Bowen Family Systems Theory often seems counter-intuitive, making it sometimes difficult to grasp, and rarely self-evident Comprehending an emotional systems perspective of families as a way of understanding engagement…

Center for Family Consultation

Center for Family Consultation (CFC) is an association of individuals who study the emotional functioning of human families, their members and their societies, within the natural systems conceptual frame of Bowen Theory.

As a not-for-profit educational organization, CFC sponsors scientific conferences, clinical training and leadership programs for professionals and for the general public.

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The Systems Thinker

How I Understand Suggestions Dr. Bowen Gave Me

On February 22, 2019, I presented some early family of origin work in my keynote address on Death and Chronic Illness at the Clinical Application of Bowen Family System Theory Conference This blog post addresses a key question raised during the…

Thinking Systems After A Mass Shooting

I live and work six blocks from the Henry Pratt Company in Aurora, IL On February 15th, Gary Martin killed five people and wounded five police officers after being fired from Henry Pratt At this time, not much is known about Mr Martin I’ve…

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