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The Family In Society: Navigating Through Turbulent Times

Dr Murray Bowen originated a theory of human behavior in the 1950’s and continued to work on it until his death in 1990 Bowen Family Systems Theory is based on his view of the family as a natural system that functions…

Center for Family Consultation

Center for Family Consultation (CFC) is an association of individuals who study the emotional functioning of human families, their members and their societies, within the natural systems conceptual frame of Bowen Theory.

As a not-for-profit educational organization, CFC sponsors scientific conferences, clinical training and leadership programs for professionals and for the general public.

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The Systems Thinker

An Interview with the co-editors of the book “Death and Chronic Illness in the Family”

Prior to publishing the book Death and Chronic Illness in the Family: Bowen Family Systems Theory Perspectives, Clare Ashworth, acquisitions editor at Routledge, interviewed the book’s co-editors, Sydney Reed and Peter…

Connecting With Families: How School Social Workers, Psychologists, and Family Educators Can Use Knowledge of Bowen Family Systems Concepts to Build Student Resiliencies and Foster Growth Mindsets

As a school social worker, learning about Bowen Family Systems Theory was an eye-opener for me Having worked with struggling kids for nearly twenty years, I couldn’t help but marvel at how resilient these kids can be even when having some pretty…

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