Lisa Friedstein, MSW

Lisa Friedstein received her MSW from Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois in 1997. At that time Lisa’s focus and interest was with the elderly. She worked for the Counsel for Jewish Elderly at an assisted living/Alzheimer’s facility in Deerfield, Illinois. In 2000 she decided to stay home full time with her 2 children.

In 2005 Lisa was referred to a Bowen Family Systems practitioner by a colleague, as she was dealing with some difficult family issues. She became interested by in how the eight concepts of Bowen Theory helped expand one’s perspective on family relationships . After several years of coaching, Lisa began a formal study of the theory by enrolling in the Bowen Family Systems Post Graduate Training program at the Center for Family Consultation, in Evanston Illinois. She completed that program in 2013, and extended her studies further by completing the Post Graduate program at The Bowen Center in Georgetown, Washington D.C. in 2019.

Lisa believes that when people can see facts and the apparent patterns of reactivity in their families, they calm their emotional brain, and learn to better manage their anxiety.  They can then engage their thinking brain to continue learning more about the family system over time. The family diagram and the concepts of BFST are used to provide a way of understanding oneself and one’s family in the context of their relationship systems. 

Since 2012, Lisa has had a private practice on line and in person, coaching individuals (over age 18), couples, and families in Chicago, Illinois. She has provided consultation to clinicians as well as clergy at the Mennonite Peace Center in Lombard, Illinois. Lisa continues to deepen her knowledge of BFST through participating in conferences, seminars, webinars, case presentations and individual consultation.

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