Patty T. Sheridan, MBA, RHIA, FAHIMA

Patty T. Sheridan, MBA, FAHIMA,  is a health information executive and leadership coach. Patty helps organizations and individuals think about business strategy, leading change, managing self, succession planning, and adaptive organizational challenges. She applies Bowen Theory and adaptive leadership frameworks to liberate the human potential and build leadership capacity in teams and individuals.

Patty has held executive positions at Ciox Health, Care Communications Inc., and the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and is currently a faculty member for the Center for Family Consultation where she focuses on the application of Bowen Theory to leadership development and leadership coaching.

Patty has been learning and applying Bowen Theory to workplace systems since 1999. Her family of origin work began as part of her participation in the “Women’s Leadership Center, a Time and Place to Think”, a program sponsored by the Center for Family Consultation (CFC). She continues to deepen her understanding and application of Bowen Theory in her personal life and to the workplace through ongoing family of origin work and participation in CFC and the Bowen Theory network. She joined the CFC faculty in 2017.

Patty is a fellow of AHIMA, Past Chair of NYHIMA, AHIMA and Resurrection University and the recipient of AHIMA’s Distinguished Member Award and the Illinois Health Information Management Association’s Professional Achievement Award.

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