John Bell, M.Div.

pic_jbellJohn Bell, M.Div. is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church where he has served for 24 years and is a faculty member for the Center for Family Consultation. He has been teaching and applying the principles of Bowen Family System Theory for more than 17 years. John finished a three-year post-graduate program in Bowen Family Systems Theory and Its Applications at the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family at the Georgetown Family Center in Washington, DC.

In addition to his work in his local church, John’s effort to understand BFST continues through research, writing, blogging, teaching, and coaching individuals, families and congregations. His interests include:

  • Transition and its effect on a system
  • Homelessness and the role of the family
  • Reactivity as a response to anxiety
  • Congregational and work systems

John is married with three children and is currently serving Wesley United Methodist Church in Aurora, IL.

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