2022 Summer Conference

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Registration deadline is July 21st, 2022, 11:30 p.m.

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When CHAOS Comes to Town – Making Sense of Family Life in Challenging Times

A quick scan of the newspaper headlines tells us that the last few years have been ‘unprecedented’ and ‘remarkable’, presenting change and uncertainty that is increasingly complex and challenging.  The impacts are profound for parents in families with adolescents and young adult children.  Some families are experiencing collapse and crisis like never before while others are managing. Often our attention as parents and our focus as clinicians is to help parents understand their children and become better helpers for their children.  Bowen theory invites a new way of thinking that shifts the focus from others to managing self.  This conference will explore how family members are making sense of these big questions: “how can I respond to this mess in a responsible way?”, “what is the help that is helpful?” and “what does family leadership look like for me?” This presentation will report on what has been learned from families across many contexts and explore how Bowen theory provides a way to think about family functioning.

Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)

6 credit hours will be offered for full attendance

Approved for social worker, psychologist, marriage and family therapist, and professional counselor education credits.

Amie Post

Amie Post is currently serving as the Executive/Clinical Director at the Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County, Maryland, whose efforts work to interrupt patterns of conflict and violence, develop capacity in families and help all move forward more effectively. Additionally, Amie maintains a private clinical practice in Towson, MD and is a Clinical Associate at the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family in Washington DC.  Amie has been a student of Bowen Family Systems Theory since 2001 when she was a master’s student in Marriage and Family Therapy at Seton Hill University. She has completed four years of study at the Postgraduate Training Program of the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family and served as a Clinical Intern there.  Amie is on the faculty and serves as a member of the Board at the Bowen Center.

Over the course of her career Amie has worked with humans from all ages and stages – from being a two-year old preschool teacher to assisting older adults in a nursing home, in education, congregational leadership, counseling and caregiving. This breadth and depth of experience has provided a way of thinking about human development across the lifespan and helps Amie conceptualize the problems families and individuals encounter through an evolutionary lens of adaptation to challenge.

Amie studies a lot in the field of microbiology, evolution and other science stuff  – not in an effort do develop content expertise but in an effort to develop a capacity to thinking broadly.  She likes to think about how Bowen Theory posits that human family is a product of evolutionary forces that has more in common with all other forms of life than not. Amie believes that studying other forms of life and understanding how they manage the challenges of adaptation provides a window into possible ways of thinking and seeing the challenges of adaptation that she is faced with in her own family and professional settings.

When Amie is out of the office she can often be found curled up in a big brown chair with a nose stuck in a book or on a long walk in the woods.  She is an oldest daughter who is married to an oldest son.  They have partnered in life for over 25 years and have more or less launched  3 offspring from their nest.


The registration deadline is July 21st, 2022 at 11:30pm CDT.

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