Family of Origin Seminar

This two -hour monthly meeting will meet on the fourth Monday of each month at 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm CT.  The first half hour of the meeting will be a discussion of the assigned readings for that month. Growing Yourself Up: How to Bring Your Best Self to All of Life’s Relationships, by Jenny Brown will be the text. 

Each meeting two participants will present their family diagrams to Lisa Moss, CFC faculty member for consultation. The focus of the consultation will be to identify and understand the 8 concepts that comprise Bowen Family Systems Theory and how they function together to create the emotional process of the family unit.     

This seminar series will be limited to five participants.  Each participant will present his/her family diagram for consultation twice. Interested individuals should contact Ms. Moss via email at to set up a phone interview.

Continuing Education Credits

18 CEUs will be awarded. Approved for social worker, psychologist, marriage and family therapist, and professional counselor education credits.




Meeting Dates: March 28th, April 25th, May 23rd, August 29th, September 26th., October 31st, November 28th, January 30th, February 27th


After a phone interview with Ms. Moss, participants accepted to the seminar will be given information on how to register.

Participation will require video conferencing capabilities through (at no additional expense). There you can download a free version of the software or head to an app store. A computer, tablet, or smartphone with microphone and video camera are required. Prior to each session, participants will receive by email a meeting ID# and instruction for logging on. 

Faculty Coordinator

For more information, please contact Lisa Moss.